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In his new  memoir,  “So Many Breaths, So Many Lives,” that reads like a novel, Paul Lawrence Woodring Jr. draws on his forty-two years of experience in high technology businesses as he provides a roadmap for success in today’s business world and high technology society.  Mr. Woodring traces his life story from being a small African American child born prematurely in Cleveland, Ohio to his role as the President of the Hospital Division of a major medical device company.  He organizes this life story around eleven tenets of success that he asserts will maximize an individual’s chances of succeeding in business and in life.  He starts by insisting that we overcome the fear of not proceeding because we don’t know how we are going to accomplish our goals, or teleophobia, as he  calls it. This memoir is a must read for anyone trying to determine how they can escape today’s uncertain corporate business world and build their own business.  

 It is available to order from MagCloud in hard copy and PDF, from Amazon for the Kindle, and in paperback from Amazon. You can also order an autographed copy through Autography, by sending an email to  State your name and what personalized message you would like.  This service is available for ipads and iPhones via the iBooks app on your iPad.  You can also order for Kindle, Nook and other readers.                                       

 Whether you are interested in learning about how corporations work or understanding intrapreneurship and entraprenuership, or just learning about the Building Blocks of success, you have to read this book.

Finally if you want to understand how it feels to be an isolated African American in the white male culture of corporate life, this book is a must. 


Don't forget to check out Paul's blog at the Building Blocks of success page.

Ass Backwards is now available in Redbox locations, Netflix, and still available on Pay Per View.  If you have not seen this hilarious film.  Check it out. 

Ass Backwards is now available on DVD.  Go to and search for Ass Backwards

Ass Backwards to play in 9 selected Cities

Ass Backwards opens in 9 cities on Friday, November 8th.  It will still be available on VOD.  

Ass Backwards had its Los Angeles premiere on October 30th

Our movie "Ass Backwards," had it's Los Angeles premiere on October 30th at the Vista Theater in Hollywood.


Some of the cast of Ass Backwards on the Red Carpet.

The LA Hustle

By Paul Woodring

204 pages, published 10/12/2013

For years the big Hollywood studios have dominated the film industry and have migrated to a model of producing a small number of big blockbusters each year, that follow a set template to maximize profits. Jayson Grayson, an ex-Wall Street quant, creates software to predict the success or failure of a movie before it is developed. In doing so, he upsets the existing Hollywood establishment that is evolving toward more expensive movies shown

in increasingly expensive venues.

ebooks can  be purchased for the Kindle and the Nook via and Barnes and Noble.  A PDF version is available from MagCloud via the badge above.

Ass Backwards gets Distribution Deal

We signed a distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures.  The deal includes theatrical (November 8, 2013), VOD (September 30, 3013), and DVD releases(January 4, 2014).  

Inventions now available as an eBook on Kindle.

Paul converted his novel "Inventions" to an eBook that is now available on the Kindle.  This new eBook has the interactive capability of allowing readers to exit portions of the book and discuss the book on Facebook. 

Magic Valley premiers in digital media via iTunes

Paul is an executive producer of Magic Valley which was released on digital media on April 9, 2013.  It is available via iTunes and Amazon Instant movies, with more platforms to come. Watch the trailer.

Ass Backwards premiered at Sundance on January  21, 2013.

Paul is an executive producer of Ass Backwards,a comedy that will premier at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  This is a culmination of two years of work.  
You can  see one of the early reviews and an article about invitations to the premier. 

 2012 was a busy one.  I completed my memoir that puts my life into the context of the building blocks of success.  I'm actively working with my agent to find a publisher.  My new novel is now 50% complete.  It's called the LA Hustle and is about the film industry.  

Building Your Future

 This website was initially dedicated to the marketing of my novel,  “Inventions.”  However, after the publication of the novel and subsequent book signings and readings, it became clear to me that the novel was only telling a part of the story that I wanted to tell.  As I interacted with people of all ages and races, they wanted to know more about me and the experiences that had led to my success in several fields.  I put fingers to keyboard and began writing a memoir that traced my story from birth through my retirement.  But as I wrote, I realized there was another even more important story that needed to be told.  What were the precepts that lead to my success?  What had I learned from the failures and successes I experienced?  How could others benefit from these lessons?  As I analyzed this, I developed 11 building blocks of success. 

I decided to describe my story within the context of these building blocks. Given today’s corporate culture of short term vision, and lack of fidelity to workers,  my recommendation is that individuals assemble these building blocks during their career and endeavor to create their own businesses as soon as possible.  Each part of the book is intended to provide lessons learned from my career as it relates to each of these tenets.   Though my memoir is still in process, I have concluded that people need these lessons even faster than I can write my memoir and have it published, so a part of this website will be dedicated to discussing these building blocks.  Each week, I will write a narrative on one of these building blocks.  I will endeavor to analyze the relevant events of the weeks in all venues and relate them to the building blocks.  I am also providing a blog on this site so that readers can comment on my weekly narrative.  I encourage you to do so, and I also encourage you to write to me and tell me about your attempts to construct your own pyramid of success.





Introduction to Paul's novel: "Inventions."

For a preview of the book, play the trailer above

Paul Woodring's first novel, Inventions, is now available.  This website discusses the content of the book and its relevence to today; details the author's background; provides an interview with the author regarding the book; and provides links for purchasing the book.


Paul at a school in South Africa

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